Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 9 and Conversations With My Son

Day 9: Description of My Dream House

Well, the locals know that my dream house fluctuates between the one right outside the perimeter and the one on the Niverville corner. But that's not a helpful description when you don't know either of those places, huh?

Rainer and I made a lot of changes to this house when we moved in. We haven't finished yet, we still want to pull up the rest of the carpet and finish the basement. There are many things I love about this house - it's a nice, open concept and it's very handy to have all the bedrooms & family room on the same level. What I would change about this house is a different layout in the kitchen (including a pantry), more bedrooms (since we keep filling them up with babies so fast!!) and another bathroom. We can achieve more bedrooms and another bathroom when we finish the basement, and if we stay here we could also renovate the main floor and achieve the kitchen remodel. We love the yard (especially the pool) and we've really become part of the community, so I would love to stay. But my goodness, we could use a bit more space, and the pool is too close to the house to allow for an addition, unless we build up and put on a second floor. So we'll see if this house evolves into my dream house. Stay tuned.

In other news, Declan has turned into a Chatty Cathy pracitically overnight. I love that his favourite things to say lend themselves easily to conversations with him. Here he was at the doctor's office the other day when some woman sat down beside us:
Declan: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Stranger: Uh, did he just say "hi" to me?
Declan: Yeah!
Stranger (laughing): Well, hello, buddy. You ARE a boy, right?
Declan: YEAH!!
Stranger: You're the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Declan: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (claps wildly)

It's really funny because he's almost 10 months old, but he's so tiny, so he seems far too young to be chatting away. I love setting him up with questions to answer "yeah" to, like "Is Mommy the boss around here?" and "You're so good lookin', do you take after your Mother?" The only problem is that he also has started saying Daddy, so he now he often ruins my game by squealing "DADDEEEEEEEEEEEE" and pointing at his father. Hrmph.

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