Thursday, December 9, 2010

Days 11, 12, & 13

Okay, so I'm not the best at posting everyday. Meh. Here's a few "all about me" things to catch me up a little:

Day 11: A photo that makes you angry/sad

Why would sweet little puppies make me angry/sad, you ask? I'm sad because it appears Declan may be allergic to the boys. If this is the case, they've got to go. That makes me sad, but it also makes me worried for them. Bert has seizures and is on daily medication. Ernie has allergies (hey, maybe he's allergic to Declan?) and is on crazy expensive specialty food. Who is going to take either of them with their special needs? Also, they are littermates who have never been apart. Even with different trainers and programs, we have not been hugely successful at breaking their pack mentality, as a result the 2 of them together are a bit intense, I don't know that anyone will want to take them both together. Sigh. Poor boys.

Day 12: Something you are OCD about

It's gotta be the cloth diapers. We initially went to cloth diapers when we found out Declan was on the way. I was a little bit interested in cloth when I was pregnant with Talia - Rainer was not on board at all. It was way more important to me that he be a diaper-changer than it was for my baby to be in cloth diapers, so I basically just stopped looking into it. When I got pregnant again, Rainer saw the financial advantage of having 2 in cloth vs. disposables (I love my accountant!!!), so we jumped in to the world of cloth diapers! The first day Rainer threatened to throw them all out the window, but by the end of the week he would be the first to tell you they are just as easy as disposables. He even does the laundry and totally recommends cloth to anyone who has a baby.

Anyway, the world of cloth diapering is pretty interesting. People have definite opinions re: the best diapers, the best wash routine, the best detergent, etc. I am a hard-core Bum Genius fan, for sure. I am also always on the hunt for the best detergent, best wash routine, any way I can improve my diapers, etc. And here's the kicker - I don't really have any problems that need solving. It's ridiculous that I spend so much time on the diapers - we've never had a leak (apart from our recent nighttime issue), a repelling problem, excessive staining, etc. We have a slight ammonia odor in the mornings - but when your kids are big wetters that sleep for over 12 hours, what can you expect? Even disposables will be stinky in the morning. Declan has become a super heavy night wetter, so I had to figure out what do about that, but that's a problem we would have with disposables as well. In any case, my friend Lori and I spend altogether too much time and energy figuring out diapering things, and I love every minute of it. And it's a good thing I do, since after we made the switch, both babies ended up developing allergies to all disposables except the 7th Generation diapers, which can be pretty expensive.

Day 13: A description of what is in your diaper bag

In my diaper bag right now:

- cloth diapers & flushable liners for Declan

- disposable diaper for Declan

- extra "geetch" and pants for Talia

- wipes

- table toppers

- wallet

- mittens

- extra outfit for Declan

- bibs

- presents for kids from the Playgroup party this week

- chequebook

- wetbags

- assorted pens and chapsticks

I would love to have one of those diaper bags that are actually 2 separate bags that attach together - that way I could take one or both, and I wouldn't have to be packing/unpacking a bunch of stuff depending on which kids I have with me.

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Jennifer said...

Ooohh... that really sucks about the boys.

My aunt used cloth diapers on her kids (they're now 16 and 19). It wasn't something I enjoyed (I babysat for them in summers) but there weren't any disposable liners. That would probably make the situation much better.

Two diaper bags that attach together - what a wonderful idea!