Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Safeways

Yesterday I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and stopped in at Safeway for a few things. I was standing in a long line behind a dad and his (maybe 13 year old?) son. The boy was texting furiously and his dad was all "Who are you texting from The Safeways? MADISON?!? Ooooooh, Madison!!!!" (insert smoochy noises here.) Then he sent his son to the back of the store for 1 litre of eggnog. The boy came back within a few minutes with a 2 litre, the dad said "That's a 2 litre, I want a 1 litre," and sent him back again. The boy rolled his eyes but off he went.

Once his son was gone, the dad looked at me and said "We don't even need eggnog. I just like screwin' with his love life."

I laughed so hard I thought I might pee myself. And I can't help but think I've peered into a future Christmas moment of young Mr. Nicho Pink, shopping with Jeffy at The Safeways, wouldn't you say, Shanny?????

1 comment:

shannon said...

What a "just messin' with ya" moment. I see how you might have thought of future Nicholas and Jeff here. Do you think future Nicholas would be texting Talia? I do.