Friday, April 8, 2011

3 Raine Circus

Yesterday was the big test - Rainer went back to work, assorted grandparents are all gone home, it was just me and the 3 for the whole day.

We had plans to go to Kids Spot with friends of ours, but when that didn't work out I decided we would just stay home. The morning was crazy busy but good. I got up before the kids so I could get showered, dressed, and eat something. The kids ended up waking up one at a time, so it was easy - I got Declan changed and eating breakfast, then Talia showed up in the kitchen, and by the time I had her eating Ruby was awake and ready to nurse. I don't think I really sat down all morning, apart from nursing, so it went really fast. After lunch I put Ruby down for a nap while T & D were watching a show, then Declan went down, and finally Talia. Ah, the triple nap. Then I was finally able to sit down and I even remembered to eat lunch!

After naps, we were busy getting a little surprise ready for Daddy. His birthday came while I was still not allowed to drive, so I hadn't been able to get out and get him anything. We went out for lunch earlier this week and went to the mall so he could pick out his own present, but he didn't end up finding anything he was looking for! So yesterday while Ruby & I were running a few errands we picked up a little something for him so his birthday wasn't such a giant bust. Talia was excited to help make a nice card for Daddy, Declan was not excited in any way, and Ruby - well, she's 3 weeks old, she doesn't even know what her hands are yet, so how excited could she be?

Ruby's gift to me for her Daddy's birthday was a 7 hour stretch last night, 15 minutes of nursing, and then a 4.5 hour stretch. I feel like a million bucks! I really hope she's still gaining well, since she's such a sleepyhead. I hate to wake up a sleeping baby to feed them!!

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Amanda said...

Your tales give me hope for having 3 kids... someday! You are such a good mom!