Friday, April 1, 2011

Two Weeks

Can't believe it's already been 2 weeks since Ruby was born! She's slipped into our family like she's always been here.

Talia loves her, she likes to show Ruby everything she's playing with ("See, Wooby? Lookit me!") and likes to read to her as well.

After Declan stopped screaming whenever he saw her, it seems like he's forgotten about her completely. This morning he was scooting around the floor on his back (think back crawl, but on land) and when he bumped into poor snoozin' Ruby (who was hanging out on a quilt on the floor) he burst into tears. He occasionally rolls a ball to her when she's sleeping on the floor, but he's not impressed with the way she just lets it bounce off her back. Apart from that, he hasn't been interested in her at all. He's just been thrilled to have assorted grandparents and Daddy around for the last 2 weeks!

Ruby is another super mellow, easy baby. I know she's only 2 weeks old and I may be jinxing myself with this post, but she seems to be just like her brother and sister were. She's very content, hardly makes a peep, and loves to sleep. She's been pretty consistent and giving me a 4 hour and 6 hour stretch at night since her second or third night home. (We really get far more sleep than a couple of people with 3 kids under 3 have any right to even hope for.)

It will be sad to see G&G go home this weekend, but will also be nice to settle into routine with our little family of 5.

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Amanda said...

So happy for a mellow baby. Reading all about your kidlets makes me want more... and more..