Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Class Dismissed

Talia is finally starting to show some interest in the alphabet, besides just making the Leap Frog letter toy be super annoying all. day. long. So, in an effort to nurture this new interest in letters, I've been trying to get her ready for nursery school this fall by having some "school time" everyday when Declan has a sleep. It's a good way to have some quality time with m'girl. She has a pretty good grasp on what the letters are and what sounds most of them make, so we're moving on.

Although Talia has had little interest in letters until recently, she has a pretty good vocabulary. So good that I fear my lousy artistic talent is no match for her. Here's what we worked on today:

Answer I was looking for "A is for ant."

Talia: "A is for insect!"

Answer I was looking for: "C is for cat."

Talia: "C is for Kitty!" (okay, that one was close.)

Answer I was looking for: "H is for happy face/ H is for hand."

Talia: "H is for glove!"

Answer I was looking for: "S is for snake."

Talia: "S is for anaconda!"

I give up.


Jennifer said...


You're seriously in trouble!

Amanda said...

Hahahahaha!! Oh mommy, get with the program!

shannon said...

Your drawing ability is coming along T. Nice anaconda.