Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If You Can't Beat 'Em....

This morning Talia refused to get dressed. After asking her a couple of times to get dressed so we could get on with our day, I finally gave her a time-out for not doing as she was asked. At the end of her time-out, she would not tell me she was sorry or get dressed, so I told her she had to stay in time-out until she was ready. After 24 minutes (that's 8 consecutive time-outs) I finally told her that jammies are for sleeping, and if she wasn't going to get dressed she needed to get back in her bed. She did, and promptly fell asleep.

Good old Monkey-See-Monkey-Do Declan couldn't bear to not be part of his big sister's terrible punishment - he promptly got his monkey & blanky and fell asleep on the floor beside Talia's bed.

After I checked on the 2 of them, I put Ruby down on my bed while I ran to the washroom, when I came out she had fallen asleep, too. At that point I decided to go with the majority and have a little nap as well. These kids are wise, a nice nap was just what we all needed.

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