Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Talia started gymnastics class last night.

Gymnastics with 3 and 4 year olds is pretty much the funniest thing ever. It sort of looks like one poor 19 year old drew the short straw and as a result has to herd a group of deaf and blind cats. I was impressed that all the kids were really great about taking turns.  It's so hilarious that they have no idea how to get in a line and keep moving one step up as the person in front goes back to the end - a reminder that although they aren't the little newborns we brought home, there is still a lot for them to learn.

Talia is the shortest in the class but probably has 10lbs on most of the other girls. The other parents probably think we feed her junk all the time, haha. We always call her our "delicate flower" or our "dainty ballerina" because she could not be further from either of these things. My rough and tumble little tomboy loves to jump, and stomp, and run fast but has yet to come into her big-girl co-ordination. She is so cute stomping around with the other kids! She has no idea that she can't do some of the things the other kids can, she just loves to be there in her "babing suit" and her "nastics syippers." It was really neat to see her listen and take direction from her teacher, and giggle with her little friends. My big girl.

I also love that they are all completely oblivious at this stage. I wish they would stay this way right through high school sports. The whole class cheered for the little girl who jumped off the trampoline perfectly the same way they cheered for my little girl, who was on a trampoline for the first time and sort of crawled/slid off, before jumping on the spot and throwing her arms triumphantly in the air. I like that we are in a small town and my kids will get to play any sport they want to - in fact, will be encouraged to do so just so there are enough kids to make a team, haha - and not have to deal with "making the cut" at an early age.

I don't know how much gymnastics they are going to learn, but I'm pretty sure Talia is going to have a great time. Maybe by the end of the session she'll even know how a line works.

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