Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day

Talia started Nursery School this week. I've been telling her all summer that she was going to go to school with her friends Charli and Olivia, only to find out at the end of summer that there are 2 seperate classes and her friends were both in the other one. Whoops! I was pretty worried that this was going to be a big problem, because m'girl is so, so, so, so shy. So when I was talking to her teacher, I warned her that sometimes Talia spends an entire day at my friend's house (who she has known as long as she can remember) without saying 2 words AND without going potty for about 7 hours, and wondered if perhaps it might be helpful to have Tal in the same class as the other girls? But there were no open spaces in the other class, so I declined their offer to switch another kid out of that class to make room for Talia (I didn't want to start off as "that" mom, you know) and just braced myself for what I hoped would just be an interesting first couple of days.

I don't think Tal had much of a concept of school until last week, when we checked out a lot of "(Main Character)'s First Day of School" books. I told her that we were going to visit Grandma & Grandpa for the weekend, and then we would come home for 1 sleep, and then it would be time to go to school. Well. All weekend long all we heard was "My wanna go home and go to schoo!" When we finally did get home, we rushed to get supper and baths over with so we could get T & D to bed early, but she was so excited she just laid in her bed, singing about "schoo" until almost 10pm. Ordinarily the late night would get us off to a terrible start the next morning, but she woke up still excited to go to schoo! She posed for a few pictures with her Peeker Parker backpack and then toddled off to the van.

Once we got to schoo, I braced myself for a big melt-down - but m'girl totally surprised me! She had a huge grin and marched down those stairs like she owned the place. She went right into her classroom and started chatting away with her teacher. I got her new shoes out of her bag and she asked her teacher to help her put them on! HRMPH!

Anyway, she was too busy to notice I left and I was so happy. That's the way she always used to be once upon a time at Jodie's daycare as well, it was nice to see that happy little Talia-at-drop-off again. I took Declan and Ruby grocery shopping and then even had a few minutes to catch up on email and read my Kindle in the parking lot before it was time to go pick her up. When her teacher opened the classroom door and she saw me, she came running to me with the biggest grin and a huge hug, before running back to her teacher to say "Sankoo! See you next time!"

My big girl. Where did my baby go?

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