Thursday, April 5, 2012

To Ruby At One

I think I always start these birthday posts with "I can't believe you're already (insert age here)!" But I really, really can't believe you are already 1, Ruby Tuesday.

You arrived with a bang and have been doing things your own way ever since. We got off to a rough start, you and me. As if it was bad enough that you couldn't tolerate dairy, it took a little while to realize that you couldn't tolerate soy, and chicken, and beef, and peas, and sweet potatoes, and white potatoes, and beans...... and everything under the sun. Poor Ruby, you had such a sore tummy for your first 9 months, I'm surprised you ever smiled or giggled at all. But in true McRaine fashion, you still managed to sleep through the night early. Man, I love you kids for that. And the Ruby Diet was terrible for my taste buds but awesome for my waistline!
You started out as our biggest baby, almost 2 pounds bigger than either of your siblings. Your growth has slowed down since you were allergic to everything, but you're still wearing clothes your sister wore when she was 2 - 2.5 years old. You are the giant Raine baby we've been expecting. So glad you finally showed up!

You are starting to get curious. You have the cutest little bum scoot; unlike your brother, you don't even use your hands. It's not too fast but it gets you where you need to go!  You love to watch your brother and sister play and you are starting to get really good at getting in the way - knocking down towers of blocks, making a slow get-away with key puzzle pieces, reaching waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up to swipe the trains from the train table.

You and your brother and sister are as thick as thieves. I hope you are always this close, even though that will likely mean all kinds of trouble for Daddy and me when you are all teenagers. 

You have been such a gift. Because of you, I got to stay home for a double maternity leave. Because of you, Declan got to stay home and take his time adjusting to daycare. Because of you, I was home and able to get Talia to nursery school with her friends this year. Because of you, Declan gets to know what it's like to be a little brother and a big brother. Because of you, Talia gets to have a sister like I always wanted. Because of you, Daddy gets to have another baby girl to wrap him completely around her little finger.

Love you, Ruby Tuesday. Can't wait to see what you're like next year when I'm writing "I can't believe you're 2!"

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