Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Time

So, you may remember that Ruby turned 1 back in March, so of course that means that it was time for my "you-had-a-baby-a-year-ago-but-it-still-seems-too-soon-for-the-doctor-to-be-all-up-in-yer-business" appointment. My doctor is lovely and I honestly could not imagine ever seeing a different doctor, ever, so it was only mildly irritating when she basically said "time to lay off the double-doubles, fatty." (I may be paraphrasing.) Sigh. After the Ruby diet I was super skinny, but once I was able to eat like a normal person, I apparently spent the next 3 months making up for lost time. And calories.

So after initially FREAKING OUT a wee bit, I got down to business.  Down 6.6 lbs the first week. And I only *sort of* want a double-double.


Amanda said...

Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you.

Ignore the double doubles, but have a coffee with almond milk and a sugarfree flavourshot. Mmmmm....

Amanda said...
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