Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ever have one of those days?

When you have a baby, you can cram a bunch of action-packed stuff in the early hours of the morning. Don't believe me? Here's a few pics of my short little friend, one morning when we got up around 7am, ate, went in the exersaucer, had some tummy time, played in the bumbo, rode Bert like a horse, went in her jumper (nothing jolly about it that morning) and minutes later, all crashed out by 9am.

Yesterday I had no power for about 6 hours. I'm pretty sure Mr. Pink House Key had something to do with it, as in my mind I think his job at Hydro involves a large board with Monopoly-sized houses, and he picks and chooses who is lucky enough to have power. Anyway, I was just debating whether I should pack up my sleeping babe and head into the city, (or as I was calling it by then, the land of heat and lights) when my watchdogs alerted me to the fact that the hydro men were in the backyard. Victory was ours! Take that, Pink!!

PS - If anyone out there needs a wig, please let me know. Between me shedding out the last of my glorious, thick, pregnant lady hair, and my babe shedding the last of her gorgeous, thick, pregnant-mom-heartburn-inducing hair, we have enough to set up shop. Sigh.

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cMLW said...

Wig please. Send it to the land of heat and lights!
I want to go as Amy Winehouse for Halloween and I'll need as much hair as I can get. Between you, Talia, Ember and Ruby I should definitely have enough for a beehive by Oct 31.