Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it's a dog's life

Nothing much is happening around here today so I thought I'd turn the blog over to Bert and Ernie:

Bert's Blog:
7:30 am - Daddy leaves! I'm so excited!
8:00 am - Mommy gets up! The baby gets up! The baby eats! I'm so excited!
9:00 am - The baby went back to bed! I'm so excited!
9:05 am - noon - (daydreaming about the bear riding a unicycle while the Tetris theme plays in the background)
Noon - I went outside! I peed on the BBQ, the deck, the pool, the fence, and Ernie! They're all mine! I'm so excited!
12:30 - 2:00pm - I'm sleeping in the sun spot! I'm so excited!!
2:00 - 3:00pm - The hydro man is here! I can see him through the window! I think I'll bark uncontrollably for an hour! I'm so excited!
3:30pm - I humped my brother! I'm so excited!

Ernie's Blog:
7:30am - The Tall One leaves. One down, two to go.
8:00am - The Short One and The New One get up. The New One is noisy. And is allowed on the furniture. Who does it think it is?
9:00am - noon - The Dumb One is thinking about that damn unicycle again. How did I end up surrounded by these morons?
Noon - Ugh. The Dumb One made an ass of himself by urinating all over things that are clearly MINE. I will follow behind him and mark these items accordingly. Hello, what's this - HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!! THE DUMB ONE PEED ON ME!!!!!!!!
12:30 - 3:30 - The Short One somehow managed to lure me into this kennel AGAIN. Curses, I am no match for her siren song of liver treats...
3:30pm - Was just violated by The Dumb One. I hate this house.


shannon said...

Oh Ernie.
My face hurts from smiling so hard at your thoughts. Poor dude.

Karla said...

"I humped my brother. I'm so excited!"
Beautiful, McQueen, beautiful. I'm looking forward to the blog.

kd said...

good lord that was funny.

Amanda said...

Ugliest dogs ever.