Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Aren't I Sleeping?

This is my very first blog entry! How 2006!! Clearly, I want to be just like my good friend Ms. Pink House Key. I am sensing that "Why Aren't I Sleeping?" will be a common theme. Perhaps that would be a better name for this blog....

Well, hockey season is upon us again. Bert is taking it the hardest, when he sees Raine come upstairs with his giant "pack-pack" of equipment, he freaks out and humps his brother. I thought getting those boys fixed would decrease the humping, not increase it. Hmph. This pic is Raine with his pack-pack from last year, before the house renovations. We no longer have the arch or the faux brick.

The Little Lady, as her Daddy calls her, managed to grasp a toy and get it to her mouth on the first try tonight. Our little peanut, growing so fast. Watch out pups, your tails are next!

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