Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, Hallowe'en is upon us. Here is a pic of my Screaming Penguin. Tomorrow we'll be making the rounds to mom's work, dad's work, uncle kent's work, and cousin Landon's house. Phew!

Right now my babe is sleeping and I'm making mini chocolate muffins for Raine's Food Day. From scratch. Then I'm going to frost them with Jack-o-lantern faces. Food Day is a giant, day-long potluck, and anyone who knows Raine knows that he thinks potlucks are "miscellaneous dishes from miscellaneous people." It's funny to think of all those stuffy accountants and merchants having a Hallowe'en party with preschool-ish snacks. (No offense, honey.)

Bert spent a good portion of the last week bringing the baby objects to play fetch with - his Tigger, a bone, his rope knot, etc. He sits there, hopefully nudging the baby's foot with these items for up to 10 minutes at a time. When I try to intercede and play with him he has no interest. Sadly, since the baby has yet to take him up on his offers to play, Bert's self-confidence has plummeted. Poor little depressed chug. Maybe dressing up as a cowboy will help him out!

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Mommy Mouse: said...

I cannot stand how funny that is that your dog wants to play fetch with your baby.