Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Here we are, departing for our first attempt of Talia walking around the block. She did it like a champ. It is now a regular occurrence everyday that she doesn't go to daycare. Sure, it takes us almost an hour to get all the way around, but what the heck. She doesn't know what birds singing sound like, or what trees look like without leaves, or why all those little things on the road that all look different are all called rocks. She doesn't know why everyone puts their garbage cans out on the same day, or where the stuff in the blue boxes go when that truck comes along. And she certainly doesn't understand why some houses have puppies and some houses don't. So on and on we stroll, stopping to pick up leaves and rocks, waving at all the puppies, being delighted when a car goes by, and asking lots of "Why? Why? Why?"

The highlight of every walk is when Harold down the street puts a collar and leash on the biggest, most beautiful puppy Talia has ever seen, and brings him out for a visit. Echo is the world's most perfect dog. He has endless patience with Talia and loves to receive her enthusiastic hugs and kisses. He usually hangs out off-leash in the front yard, but they leash him up "just in case" when they see Tally coming, since he could easily knock her over with a wag of his tail. (And honestly, no matter how gentle a dog seems, he's still an unpredictable animal, right?)

In other news, I'm back to running tonight, as the St. Adolphe Run Club is back in business. Here's hoping I don't get pregnant again 4 weeks in, like last year! I don't think we're quite ready for #3 yet!!


Amber said...

What a fantastic idea to get them out of the stroller and walking. Mine enjoys her stroller too much to go for a walk.

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! It's so cool that you don't rush her on her walk.

It actually wasn't until you mentioned in a previous - post? status? - about her needing to learn everything from the ground up (ie - frozen vegetables are cold because...) that I really thought about it that way.

A friend of mine used to take his daughter uptown (about 4 blocks one way) every day for coffee. They would leave after breakfast and get back in time to make lunch. It was their morning outing, and social time for both of them. (He vowed never to do parental leave again - lol.)