Friday, April 9, 2010


This is the kind of day it's been here at the Raine house:

Talia keeps crying "Owie!!!" and grabbing at her diaper. No sign of rash but I put her in a disposable and slathered on the Penaten, just to be sure. She's still doing it, though, so who knows what's going on with her? She also feels a little warmer than usual, and I don't trust my stupid ear thermometer, so we're having a clothing optional day today.

While she was in the disposable, I thought it was a good day to have some really fun, messy, quality time together. I put Declan down for his morning nap and we got out the paints and tadoodles. Talia was only interested for about 10 minutes and didn't even make any mess. Hrmph. And it appears as though the only thing to come from our quality time together is a jealous older sister, because when Declan got up from his nap, Talia had a tantrum every time I picked him up, and tried to push him off my lap while I was nursing him. This is the first time she's been outright clingy and jealous, usually she couldn't care less how often I hold the baby and rarely wants me to pick her up. She even let me rock her in the rocking chair, which has NEVER happened, not even as a newborn. She must not be feeling well today, poor bunny.

We got off to a great start with Declan today - he slept from 7pm to 6am, I nursed him, and he went right back to sleep until around 9ish. Woo-hoo! And his spots (which seemed like they might be chicken pox yesterday) had pretty much cleared up by this morning, so I cancelled our doctor's appointment. So of course, after his morning nap, he was covered in them again. Someone on FB mentioned they might be heat rash, I think they may be right. My little Raine babies are just like their Daddy, they walk around at a higher temperature than normal people and always feel warm. So even though we keep their rooms quite cool (ie. Declan's window was open and his fan was running yesterday and today) and don't overdress them (he was just in a light sleeper, swaddled in a light little blanket) they do get warm when they sleep. I put him down for his afternoon nap swaddled, but just wearing a diaper. Hopefully he doesn't get any new spots!

My thrush is still bad enough to make me scream "OOOOOOOOOOH KELLY CLARKSON!" and the grapefruit seed extract (which is awful - really, really awful) gives Declan the screams, so I can only take it once a day (instead of 3 times) after he goes to bed for the night. The house looks like a disaster zone, I am super far behind with the laundry, and Bert pooped in his kennel this morning while we were out for our morning walk. But I have 2 beautiful (albeit one is polka-dotted) sleeping babies and a whole weekend on the horizon. Life is still pretty good, I have to say.

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Jennifer said...


About poor Talia's not feeling well, Declan's mysterious spots (which you may have gotten to the bottom of - if that is the case, then YAY!) and your thrushiness.

That's nasty, all around...