Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Ted Chronicles

Ted E. Bear was a gift Talia received when she was born from our friends Tammy & Kim. This is what he looked like when he was new:

This is what he looks like today:

How did he get this way? Behold, the Tedtime Snack:

Oh, Ted. How Tally loves to chew on your face. Your days are numbered, my friend. As soon as I can find a replacement, or two, or 17, you're outta here. Fortunately, Ted is a Ty bear, and has not yet been retired. Several Teds should be arriving at Scholar's Choice on Monday, I'll be waiting by the phone to hear that I can come and pick one (case) up. Perhaps I should stock up on replacements for Declan's George at the same time.


Jennifer said...

Love the new blogger look - I haven't gone in to see the new backgrounds yet.

Do you think Tally will accept the new Ted into her life as much as she loved the old one? (I guess she just may not have a choice.)

T Mc Q said...

I'm just going to leave New Ted in her crib like nothing happened, I'm willing to bet she's not going to notice. Fingers crossed.