Friday, June 11, 2010

Where My Baby At?

This is my baby, Talia Isabelle. She is tiny and perfect and has 10 fingers and 10 toes.

So who, exactly, is this little girl?

In the last 2 weeks, Talia has gone from being my amazing, adorable, independent, strong-willed baby to being my amazing, adorable, independent, strong-willed little girl.

I just realized this morning that I didn't have any idea where the paper towels or lysol wipes were because I haven't cleaned up a potty-training mess in a couple of days. In fact, I haven't even reminded her to get on the potty for a few days, she goes all by herself now. She cries when I put a night-time diaper on her ("Me no baby! Panties!!!") but we're nowhere near being night trained.

She is refusing to sit in her booster or wear a bib ("No beeb! No beeb! All clean shirt!") and anything that even remotely resembles a sippy just will not do - real cups only, if you please. She's been using a real cup at mealtime for about a year, but she has one of those straw-style sippies during the day so she can get herself a drink if I'm busy with her brother.

In my most sentimental moments I wish somebody would please come tell this child she is not quite 2 yet! That means she's 1! A baby! But at the same time, it's so exciting to see the little person she's becoming. So I'll just suck it up, get her a drink in a real cup, and invest in several bottles of stain-remover for those supposedly all-clean shirts. Because, you know, when Tally likes something, so does her shirt.

Thankfully, at 4 months Declan is more than happy to still be my baby for awhile. :)

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Jennifer said...

I know "they" say that kids grow up so fast, but TWO WEEKS? Oh dear.

Your kids are super adorable.