Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to the Swamp

It's been really, really wet here.

So wet that we take Talia out to play in the rain and puddles on a fairly regular basis, because otherwise, well, she would never get outside.

She loves it, and spends hours getting filthy and then explaining how everything is dirty. Boot dirty, rock dirty, puppy dirty, Daddy dirty, pants dirty..... you get the picture.

Tonight at supper, after she gobbled up the last of her delicious asian noodle bowl, she looked in the bottom of her bowl and saw a few bits of bocky (broccoli) and chicky (chicken) floating around in some broth. I thought she was going to do one of her standard lines that she pulls out for any empty bowl - either "Moe diss, pease!" (more this, please - very useful when she doesn't know the words for whatever she's eating) or "All done!"

Instead, she looked at the broth and then looked at me, announcing "Dirty water!" and gave me the stink eye for serving her dirty water for supper.

Didn't stop her from having another bowl, though. That's my little bottomless pit!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

hahaha - that made me laugh out loud!!

You've got a super adorable bottomless pit, by the way!