Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Run, David!

This has been an eventful spring in terms of becoming connected to our community. While Rainer and I have lived here for several years, we worked/shopped/played in the city and really didn't meet anyone here for a long time. When Talia was born, the Public Health nurse mentioned something about a local Playgroup. It was something I was interested in, and had good intentions, but never actually made it there in the entire 1+ year I was off on mat leave. I also wanted to start going to the local library, but again, it just never happened - it's only open a few days a week from 4pm - 8pm, which around here is the period of time known as Witching-Hour-Making-Supper-Eating-Supper-Bath-Bedtime-Mommy-Recovery-Time.

A few weeks after Declan was born, one Tuesday I sent Tally off to daycare and had Declan all packed up to run into the city for groceries, when I happened to glance at the clock and realized Playgroup had just started. I decided to check it out, and we've been there almost every week since. And since we finally made it to Playgroup, once the weather warmed up we started walking to the library as well.

Talia loves the library. It's inside the school, and she loves to strut her way down the hallway like she owns the place. She insists on carrying our big bag of books all by herself, and when we get to the library she squeals "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!" and runs right to the back where the kids' books are. She fills up her bag with anything she can get her hands on and tries to con me into letting her take books from the big kids' shelves - last week she brought me an armful of Babysitter's Club books and proudly hollered "I want DISS!!!!"

This is currently her favourite book:

We've checked it out several times and she knows it by heart. As I turn the pages she points to the dangerous/silly/bad behaviour and squeals "NO DABID!!!!!" and other things David's Mommy is saying to him.

She also feels bad for David when he is in the corner and looking sad, and gives him smooches to make him feel better.

The only time she strays from the story is when my little nudist comes to the page where naked David is running away through the neighbourhood. Instead of saying "No, David!" Talia cheers and yells "Wun, Dabid! Wun! Wun! Wun!"

(That's when Daddy says she's going to the convent once she turns 12.)


Jennifer said...

That's awesome that you're getting to Playgroup. I don't know if there is still Moms and Tots in GP, but there's Playgroup in GV. I went once.

It's nice that Tally shows her true self now, before she is able to hide her feelings from you. This way, you DO get the chance to make those mental notes of things to watch for when she gets older - like encouraging boys to streak after she kisses them. =P

And P.S. What kind of word verification is sopughtf? Seriously, man.

shannon said...

Talia has excellent taste in literature. When she is older we should hit up the Margaret Laurence museum.