Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 3: Favourite Movie

Anne of Green Gables - Megan Follows version, of course.

I can't wait until CBC shows it over the Christmas holidays. In fact, I wish I was curled up, watching it today instead of running around all over the city.

Declan and I headed in to the city this morning. I will admit I felt slightly granny-ish when a young guy blew past me on the highway, but I was totally vindicated about 10 minutes later when I came across him and his little Matrix in the ditch. Heh. Slow down, dummy.

My day has actually not worked out as planned. I wanted to renew my Autopac but the place here in town hasn't been plowed out yet - there was literally only 1 long trail leading up to the owner's truck, which was parked in front of the front door. Since I had no recollection of what the parking lot looked like underneath all the snow, I didn't know if I had room to turn around, if I could loop around, etc. And they are way too far off the street for me to park on Main Street and carry Declan through the snow, so I decided to just do it at the place in the mall.

We got to the mall and I didn't find a couple of things I was looking for, but then did find some things I wasn't really looking for, so that was okay. We were all the way over by the food court when I caught Declan throwing his cup over the edge of the cart onto the floor - I totally forgot that's his favourite game these days. So that sent me on the worst scavenger hunt ever, retracing our steps to find his toque, my toque, and only 1 of my awesome purple mitts. Boo hoo hoo.

When we were all done, I realized that I had forgotten to drop off Rainer's skates to be sharpened while I did my shopping. Sigh. So I dropped them off, then had about 1/2 an hour to kill, so I thought we would go have lunch. I got some pasta & veggie dish that wasn't appealing at all to the baby on the inside, but is the kind of lunch that Declan usually would eat every speck of and look for more, so I thought we could share. Well. Declan decided he would have NONE OF THAT, thank you very much, and Abacus seconded that motion. At least Declan made some new friends as he flirted with the old ladies at the table next to us, but all in all, lunch was a giant bust.

So I picked up Rainer's skates and then we headed out to the car. The Wal-Mart parking lot had been cleared at some point in the last 12 hours or so - enough that it was okay for driving but impossible to push the cart through. My cart was loaded with the diaper bag, Rainer's skates, a bunch of Christmas shopping, 2 cases of wipes, and Declan, so I decided I couldn't really leave it behind (although I was very, very tempted.) Some lady beside me said "You have to pull it from the front, like this!" and pulled on her own cart. She got it moving, but the bags she had sitting in the baby seat tumbled out onto the ground. Sigh. She was clearly right, the only way to move that cart was to pull, so I got D out of the seat and carried him while pulling my heavy cart through the snow. Did I mention that I'm about 23 weeks pregnant and can barely manoever myself through the snow? Double sigh. When I was about halfway to my vehicle, some shifty-looking guy offered to help me. I decided if it turned out he was just trying to rip me off, I didn't need anything in the cart that badly, and told him to go for it. When we got to the van and I thanked him, he said "I was sort of hoping you'd let me carry the baby." LOL! Thank you, kind stranger, but not in a million years would I have handed over my baby to you.

I got Declan all strapped in and my cart all unloaded and realized I'd forgotten 2 of the main things I went to the mall for in the first place. Frig. Oh well, Rainer can live without an anniversary card this year, and he can pick up Declan's eyedrops from the pharmacy in his office's building. Then we got back to town and I drove past the still-not-plowed-out insurance place, and realized that I didn't take care of my registration, either. Double frig. (Seriously, MPI? In this day and age, can't I just renew on-line and you can send me the stupid sticker?)

Anyway, things could always be worse. It's Thursday, after all, which is my favourite day of the week! Happy Thursday, everyone!!

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