Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 5 and Christmas Prep Begins!

Day 5: My Favourite TV Show

Dexter, since I usually stay up late on Sunday nights to watch it even though I'm exhausted from the weekend. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer, but it's okay, because he only kills the bad guys. :P

Yesterday Rainer and I had our anniversary date. My good friend Lisa fell in love with Talia when she was born, and used to always show her Mom the pictures I post on Facebook. Her Mom decided that they needed to have that little girl in their lives, and told Lisa that they had to babysit for us. So they have been Talia's adopted grandparents since she was about 6 months old. She's even had a sleepover there! Of course, now they take both kids and have a great time spoiling our babes. Yesterday they had the kids all day - we dropped them off around 9am. We ran a bunch of errands, did some Christmas shopping, saw a movie, did more shopping, and went for dinner before picking them up around 7:30. It was a fun and productive day that really wore me out!!! But I'm glad we've got the majority of our Christmas shopping done - now, on to baking!

Today was just a quiet day at home. We tried to get a nice picture for our family Christmas card. We were less than successful. Declan was super cranky and apparently hates sweater vests as much as his father does. Talia thought it was a big game to look away at the last possible second, of course the one picture where she actually looks at the camera is the one where Declan is rolling his eyes! I thought maybe I would be able to get some individual photos and choose a different card design, but Declan looks like a drunk Santa in a mug shot and there was just NO WAY Talia was willing to wear her Santa hat. Here are some of the rejected photos:

Sigh. Maybe this year everyone will just have to take our word that our kids are super cute!

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Amanda said...

The family pic in our Christmas card last year featured no one looking at the camera. I think your kids are adorable, Santa hats or not!