Sunday, November 14, 2010


The big day has finally arrived, Talia hit the ice today!!
We got her all decked out with new skates & a helmet yesterday. Public skating here in town is free for an hour on Sunday afternoons, so we headed over just after lunch. Yes, that is exactly when naptime usually starts, so we thought we may be in for a not-so-fun time.

Talia was super excited and kept asking us "Mommy, you comin' skating wif me? Daddy, you comin' skating wif me? Brutter, you comin' skating wif me?" She really likes her pink helmet and can't take her eyes off her skates when she's got them on.

So since this was her first time on skates and all, she was terribly wobbly. She thought it was super cool when Daddy picked her up and zipped her around the rink. She thought it was super lame when one of us went with her on the ice, but when we each took a hand she started to get the hang of it and walked all around out on the ice.

We had a pretty good time! Declan, chill as ever, hung out in his stroller while Rainer & I had Talia out on the ice together, and we watched the action when Daddy had big sister out by himself. Talia had moments when she really liked it and moments when she was really "ALL DONE SKATING!!!" We lasted about 25 minutes, which I think is great for the first try. We're not expecting her to be jumping and spinning by the end of the season, but it's a fun family activity that Rainer and I both love, and we want to be healthy role models and expose the kids to all kinds of sports at an early age.

The only thing that wasn't great about the day was when we were leaving, I was walking out behind a woman I recognized from Run Club, and her friend said to her "Did you see that guy with the 2 year old out on the ice? That's so friggin' ridiculous!!!!" Sigh. That's a small town for you. Rainer and I were clearly the only parents on the ice that could actually skate, so Talia was in far safer hands than the 3 year olds whose parents were barely managing to not fall on top of their kids. Sheesh. Anyway, imagine their disapproval had they known that Rainer & I were both on the ice before we were 2, and that I was skating around today at 22 weeks pregnant!! Ha!!!


Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun! And I don't get why it was "ridiculous" that Rainer was out on the ice teaching Talia how to skate. How else is she supposed to learn?

T Mc Q said...

I think they thought it was ridiculous that Talia was there because she's only 2. Whatever. If all she gets out of this season is that we're an active family that does fun stuff together, and you go to the rink to have fun with other kids, then we're totally okay with that. What would they rather she was doing? Sitting at home in front of the TV?