Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 weeks

A few weeks after Ruby was born, Auntie Shannon & Nicho came out for a visit and to spoil the kids. I remember pulling one super cute little 6-12 month outfit out of the bag, and thinking "that will be so nice for next winter."

Here we are, a month later, and 6 week old Ruby is wearing it:

Having a big baby is a new experience to us. I finally know what people mean when they say how fast babies go through clothes - unlike Talia & Declan, who stayed in the same sizes for months and months, Ruby is literally only wearing some things once or twice before they get packed away in the basement. If she keeps growing at this rate, she'll be 8 feet tall in preschool.


Jennifer said...

How is she 6 weeks old already?

I love that you're baffled at how quickly she grows! I would be too, especially with T and D being slow growers.

shannon said...

Rubes looks smokin' gorgeous in that outfit. Does she still fit it? Eek!
News: There is a department store in Montreal where you can buy one piece sweatsuits. If they'd made them striped like Ruby's I might have overlooked the price tag and picked one up. Check it: