Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Survived

So we survived our big weekend without Daddyo. It was actually fine, we had lots of fun. I wasn't worried about being alone with the kids - hello, that's my gig for about 12 hours a day, everyday - but I was worried that I would really be dragging by today or tomorrow. Rainer pretty much takes over everything with the kids on the weekend, except for nursing the baby. I sleep in, relax, I might make a meal or two, but otherwise it's the Daddy show around here. I really get recharged during my weekends so I was a little worried that without that, I'd be having a hard time by now. So far, so good, though. Tomorrow the 2 older kids are in daycare while Ruby and I have appointments and run a few errands, and then it's the long weekend, woo hoo!

I sent this picture to Rainer whle he was on the road - bedtime the first night without him. I jokingly said I would send him "proof of life" photos throughout the weekend. I wonder if he worried when I didn't follow through on it?

Anyway, we all survived and have been loving the summer weather. This week we've played outside a ton and even had a picnic at the park. I'm quite proud to say that Declan's fair skin is still as white as a ghost, although Talia is darkening up by the minute. I'm so anxious about my fair skinned baby boy, Rainer and I are both in the fairly-dark-don't-really-ever-burn category, and obviously Talia is as well, so we have basically no clue what to do with Declan. I'm probably a little over-zealous with the sunscreen and keeping buying hats and deciding they just aren't good enough for my pumpkin's pumpkin head. But with 2 different grandparents from both sides of the family having had skin cancer, I'm pretty crazy about my kids not getting a sunburn. I even made them have their picnic in the only shady spot in the park - under the play structure. They didn't seem to mind, though!

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Jennifer said...

This post was confusing at first, but then I realized that my google reader caught this FOUR days after you posted! Gah!

I'm glad everything went good. The dog sniffing Ruby's crotch is interesting, but for that picture being a "proof of life" picture, it is missing another pet. Plus, it doesn't ACTUALLY verify YOUR proof of life.

A picnic under the play structure is just cool!


Your friend who will also be pasty white at the end of summer