Saturday, February 23, 2013


Growing up in GP was kind of like growing up in the middle of nowhere. My Dad only had one sister and she lived 4 hours away. She only had one son and he is several years younger than me. My Mom came from a really big family but we didn't have tons of cousins there either, and they lived in the Maritimes so we rarely saw them.

So I'm really glad we're only 10 minutes away from one set of cousins! It would be nice if the other ones were that close, too, but we'll take what we can get. :)  The kids are all so close in age - Talia and my nephew are 6 weeks apart, Ruby and my niece are 3 months apart - so it's a little bit of chaotic bliss when we all get together.

Talia thinks her cousins have the best toys. Spiderman glove!!

Badminton game! Declan loves having a boy to play with.

Ruby-friendly cupcake we take to all the birthday parties.
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Grammie gets a makeover
Best buddies, Spidey-style

Hard to believe we didn't have any of these kids just 5 years ago. What the hell did we do at family gatherings before them???

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