Friday, February 15, 2013

Parlez-vous le ding-dong?

That's how my Auntie from Montreal used to ask us if we spoke French. Today I got a package from the school and there was a bunch of information about the Immersion program. I'm so sad that my tiny baby Talia is already big enough for full-time school. But I'm so, so, so excited to see her grow up and learn.

I'm a little bit sad because our school is actually a dual-track school - English or Immersion - and some of her current friends are going to the English program. We'll still have playdates and see them, but I hear the kids at school are quite segregated - English kids play with English kids, French kids play with French kids. So it will only be natural that she will drift apart from her little friends. She'll make new friends, sure, but we've gotten to know a few families really well over the last few years and I love their kids. :( But for us, the advantages of French Immersion are so huge, there's no way we'll do the English program.  It's crazy to think by this time next year Talia will be on her way to being completely fluent in a second language. I love it!!!

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