Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Tease

M'baby is such a big girl these days, she has discovered she loves to tease.

During the Olympics, I got all caught up in Joannie Rochette's story, and would cry whenever she mentioned that her Mom had been her best friend. (Now, I realize that I can't actually be my kid's friend, I am her parent, but you know...) So I would tearfully ask Talia "Who's your best friend?" She would come running over to me, throw her little arms around me, look up at me with those big brown eyes and sweet smile and reply:


Which is what she calls Uncle Kent. And of course, I would pretend to be shocked and appalled (okay, it didn't take much pretending. I mean, really. CUNCLE?!?!?") and it turned into a great big game. This pleased Uncle Kent to no end. My brother actually calls here during the day and says "Yeah, put my best friend on" when I answer the phone, he asks her who her best friend is, and they chat away for a few minutes. It's very cute.

This weekend, Cuncle got a taste of his own medicine, though. He came out for supper on Saturday night since my sister-in-law and nephew were away for the weekend. We were sitting at the supper table when Cuncle asked Talia "Who's your best friend?" She looked at him with a giant grin and said:


That's m'girl.

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Jennifer said...

bwhahaha!! Awesome!