Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear Lentil Soup,

I love you. You are fresh and delicious. You have always just begun to simmer when m'babe starts signing "please!" frantically, pointing in your direction. You make my husband believe he likes sweet potatoes and spinach - or at least he would believe it, if he could tell they were in you. You are generous enough for supper, leftovers for tomorrow, and a few lunch-sized servings for our friend Mr. Freezer. You are the perfect meatless supper for a Friday in Lent (although I have to say, we love you so much that it would be more punishment to make us eat meat tonight, Catholic church.)

Can't wait to see you at suppertime.



Mommy Mouse: said...

Recipe, please. Email, MM, post as a comment on my blog. Just soon.

Give my best to your soup friend.

Marcia Roberts said...

Ha ha ha. Fundalentil is my lover, too.

primaDonna said...

Oh Treen - this post is the best part of my day!

Fundalentil? I love your wit!

The Saskatchewan Pulse Growers had a kiosk next to my Ministry at the SK Pavilion at the Olympics. Their display read "You can't live without a pulse."

I thought it was fantastic!

Have a great day!

T Mc Q said...

Donni, I can't take the credit, those annoying women who wrote the Looney Spoons cookbook named it.

Wait, what? Were you at the Olympics? WTF? We need to talk.