Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hear, Hear

Declan is almost 6 weeks old. His interests still include boobs, sleeping, and hockey. He's a pretty easy baby, still sleeping in long stretches and eating well. He's starting to smile and chatter, especially with his big sister. All in all, he's been doing great. We noticed this weekend, however, that his ear is draining some kind of fluid. We're trying not to jump to conclusions about it, but can't help thinking that my Mom was born with a draining ear. Her ear drained until she was 16 and she was finally able to have surgery to stop it. Draining isn't a big deal, but my Mom has also never been able to hear from the ear that drained. Here's hoping everything is okay, we're off to the dr. tomorrow.

Perhaps we should get Dr. Lee to check his tastebuds, too:

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