Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas & New Year's

Last year we decided that we were going to stay home for Christmas from now on. No more driving to both grandparents' houses over the course of a few days, no more lugging the kids' gifts all over the place with us on our Christmas tour. We want our kids to have memories of Christmas morning here, in their home.

But even though we stayed home, this felt like the busiest Christmas ever! My parents were in just before Christmas when my newest little niece was born, and again for New Year's. Rainer's parents came in for Christmas, we also hosted his Uncle's family on Boxing Day, and had lots of good visits with friends from far away as well. Rainer has 2 weeks off, it has been so nice having him not have to rush back to work on the 27th. Rainer was very, very sick for about a week up until Christmas Eve. I may have threatened his life re: making the rest of us sick just in time for the big day, but we made it through until the 2nd before we all came down with it.

This was Declan's first Christmas, it seems like he had a great time. He even opened some of his own gifts and squealed with delight over a lot of them. Talia was really into it this year, too. Here are some of the memorable moments of the holidays:

- At Christmas Eve Mass, Talia sang along with all the Christmas carols, perfectly in tune. She did, however, just sing the lyrics to Rockabye Baby over and over again instead of the actual words.

- Also at Mass, she cheered and clapped for the choir whenever they stopped singing (she loves Christmas carols) and loudly proclaimed "All done church!" whenever the priest stopped talking.

- Declan decided he was a monkey during Mass and was cranky unless he was dangled upside down. Unfortunately, when he was dangled upside down, he screeched and laughed really loud. Neither option was great, but it was the Children's Mass and we ended up not having the loudest kids there - a real Christmas miracle.

- The kids were spoiled, we opened presents on Christmas Eve and then Santa came on Christmas morning. Declan's favourite present was his Chuck the Talking Truck, until Chuck drove up his legs and terrified him. After that he preferred his giant bucket of wooden blocks. Talia woke up on Christmas morning saying "Want my baby. Ou my Dora? Can you open diss Play-dough? Diss my truck?" but all those other presents were forgotten once she saw the playhouse from Grandma & Grandpa. And so began the repeated demand "Come find me! My hiding! In my house!" - it's been 9 days and she's still going strong.

- Talia decided over the holidays that her new little cousin's name is not Jenna but "Cheese." Yeah, I don't know either.

- I roasted & carved our turkey earlier and then just had to re-heat it on Christmas Day, leaving lots of oven space for perogies, cabbage rolls, etc. It was awesome. I will never again roast the turkey the same day as the big meal.

- In the middle of our holiday craziness, we were called in for Declan's assessment at the Child Development Clinic. I was super chill going into it (certain there was no real cause for concern) and super panicked coming out of it. They took his lack of mobility really, really seriously and it was kind of scary. But he's coming along really well with all his physio and I'm back to being convinced that he's just lazy. What a guy.

- Big Fun Daddy was finally put in his place while grandparents were visiting. Talia loves both her grandmothers so much, she told Rainer "Go 'way, Daddy. My want my Gammie!" at bedtime during both visits. Usually she's telling me to go away because she wants Daddy!!

- Rainer is still off for a little while longer, which is good, because my hip/back are really bothering me to the point of not being able to walk some days. And I have to do my GTT tomorrow, which usually makes me barf uncontrollably for 2 days afterward. We'll all be sad to see him go back to work!

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