Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Week in Review

- After Talia's traumatizing 1st day at her new daycare last week (where she peed her pants in front of the big kids), she apparently forgot she was potty trained. She had 3 accidents on Friday night and about 6 accidents on Saturday, or as we remember it, "Pee Yer Pants Saturday." Everytime she had an accident I was a mix of feeling so sorry for her - she's been trained for almost a year and hasn't had a day like that since the very first few days in big-girl panties - and wanting to wring her neck. But by Sunday she was back on track, had 1 accident on Monday (at daycare) and then was back to being dry for the rest of the week, including Friday at daycare. Phew!

- I decided to toss our whiteboard calendar and have gone back to the old-school paper calendar as our family calendar by the front door. Even though Rainer and I both have Blackberry addictions, I feel ultra organized with all of our stuff in one place. Now we don't have a long list of future appointments scribbled randomly around the sides of the whiteboard. So much better!!

- It was nice getting back into routine this last week. We saw our friends at Playgroup and music lessons, got caught up on things around the house, had a productive day at home, got back into the daycare routine, etc. It feels like Christmas was a long time ago already, but there are an awful lot of Christmas trees on the street, waiting for garbage pick-up tomorrow. Come on, people! Trees and decorations down on New Year's Day, and at the very latest for you hard-core Ukies the day after Ukrainian Christmas!

- Declan continues to be the star of the 2 year old music class. He doesn't move, he never takes his eyes off the teacher, he hums along with all the songs, he claps with the correct beat, and he doesn't stop bopping his little head along with the songs. I fear the instructor is going to start charging me for him, since he's clearly the most advanced in the entire class, lol.

- I was able to go to my Prenatal appointment solo again this week - so much easier than lugging along a 2.5 year old and 11 month old! The doctor thinks this baby is bigger than the last 2 little peanuts, but still not a giant Raine baby. Better luck next time, honey, I am obviously still genetically superior.

- Talia is obsessed with crafts these days. We do at least one everyday. Today I was completely tapped out and her craft was so lame - gluing foam hearts onto construction paper. And to think I was the creative genius behind the 365th Sparks for all those years. Shame on me.

- I picked out the fabric for my co-ordinating quilts project. Stay tuned, it's super cute and I think the kids are going to love them.


Marcia Roberts said...

I want to see the fabric!

primaDonna said...

Ha ha - my tree is still up.