Friday, January 14, 2011

Daycare Days, Part Two

So. M'babies went off to the new daycare today.

Last night I told Talia "Daddy is going to take you to Tante Sue's tomorrow morning and you're going to stay there and play with the kids until Mommy picks you up." She looked at me like I had 3 heads and said "No, Mommy, JoJo takes me to Tante Sue's house." Really? JoJo was her first daycare provider, and she did take her to Tante Sue's to play with the kids. But that was before Declan was born, well over a year ago. How in the world did she remember that?!?

So this morning we got the kids ready and they headed off with Daddy. Talia asked me once "You coming, Mommy?" but I just said that I would see her later and she was fine. Raine called after the drop-off and said the other kids at daycare were excited about new kids being there, especially a baby who couldn't move to get away from them. (This got them a stern warning from Tante Sue about Declan not being a new toy, lol.)

I took advantage of my kidless morning and ran a whole bunch of errands. I think I went to 5 or 6 different places, which is not something I generally do when I have 2 little ones to get in & out of carseats at each stop. I felt so productive! I picked up stuff for Declan's birthday and Valentine's Day, got both kids some new pants (we have a bad case of Short Pant going on around here thanks to a Christmas growth-spurt x 2,) went to the Chiropractor, picked Talia up some new art supplies, got a few groceries, went to the health food store to get the hippie disposable diapers for Declan, and then went out for lunch. It was awesome, although I did wonder how my little friends were doing several times.

When I got home I called over to Tante Sue to see how things were going. She said they were doing great but Talia was too shy to go to the potty for them, had held it all morning (since 6:30am!!) and finally peed her pants during lunch. Then she was really embarassed for peeing her pants in front of the big kids and cried her little heart out. She also couldn't believe how much Declan ate, and after lunch he had an enormous poop explosion that went from his socks to his neck. Well, what goes in must come out, I suppose.

When I went to pick the kids up, they were both rather indifferent about my arrival. Hrmph. Tante Sue couldn't believe how they didn't seem upset at all and had no trouble adjusting to her place (other than Tal's apparent fear of her potty.) They both slept for 3 hours in the afternoon and Declan repeated his amazing lunch performance at afternoon snack, which is apparently pretty impressive for such a little guy.

When we got home I asked Talia about her day, she said "It was so fun! My pwayed wif wots of kids. (pause) Den my peed my pants and my cwied." We talked about how she could pee in Tante Sue's potty instead of in her pants, and then she wouldn't cry, but she didn't seem convinced. Then I asked her how Declan's day was :

Talia: "Deckie cwied. I hugged him."

Me: "Aw, what a nice big sister you are, to give Deckie a hug when he missed Mommy!"

Talia: "He no miss Mommy. He pooped in his diaper."

I see.


Jennifer said...

Although Talia's description of her day was awesome, I don't think anything can top "He no miss Mommy. He pooped in his diaper." That statement made my day!

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Stacey Abe said...

I love this post, Trina. Anytime you quote Talia, I read it back to Joel and we giggle like crazy.