Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daycare Days

I just wrote Declan's name on a big-boy backpack for the first time, so he is all ready to go to daycare on Friday. Weep, weep.

I feel kind of funny sending him. I'm not going back to work until April 2012. He's a big sleeper, he's a great little guy who doesn't get into any trouble (yet), and he's pretty much the world's easiest baby. However, he is also the reason I ended up on bedrest this time last year, and if I happen to be put on bedrest again with this pregnancy, I a) need him registered somewhere so he can go full-time if the need arises and b) need him to be used to not spending all his time at home with me. So he's got to go. And of course, it's easier to get these kids in part-time right now, rather than trying to find 3 new spots all at once when I do go back to work.

There are other benefits as well, I like that he'll play with other kids and I love that it's a french daycare. When we went to visit the other day, he tried to bum-scoot after the other boys, and when that wasn't working, he tried to get up on his knees. So I'm really hoping this experience will help his mobility and the socialization will be good for him.

I also think it will help Talia transition if her brother goes with her the first few days. There are 2 boys from her previous daycare that are also going to this place, so that will help as well. I feel badly that Talia is only 2.5 and this is going to be her third daycare. But the previous 2 daycares were awesome, and I'm sure this one will be, too. "Tante Sue" is the aunt of Talia's first daycare provider, and where Jojo learned how to run a home daycare. And since Jojo was awesome, and Tante Sue taught her everything, I have high hopes! Plus, Tante Sue has had a daycare for many years and as far as I know, plans on having a daycare for many years to come. I think a little stability in daycares would be nice, I hate the panic of having to find a new place to send the kids.

And did I mention it's french? And that I love it? Because it is, and I do. A lot. It's also only 2 doors down from the school, so if everything works out and the kids are still there once they go to school, it could not be more perfect. I feel like we've won the lottery of daycare. So as much as I might be a little weepy to see Declan off for his first day, I'm pretty excited at the way things turned out.


Jennifer said...

Oh man - I'm excited for you!

I LOVE that you live in a bilingual community (or at least have some bilinguality in your community.) Do you like my newly created word?

T Mc Q said...

It's way more french than english. I love it. Talia's first daycare was french, and she picked up quite a bit even though she wasn't talking much at the time. This last daycare was english, but there were lots of french kids there, and she picked up even more. I'm sure she'll be able to get by fine by the time she goes to kindergarten if she stays with Tante Sue for a few years. Plus, Landon speaks practically no english at all, so it will be nice for them to be able to play together.

Ms. Mc said...


Long time listener, maybe 3rd time caller? Anyway, I'm perusing and am smiling at your last post! Two Declans in one small town IS certainly something but my friend can trump that...

When my friend moved into an apartment with friends for the first time they put his name in for all of the bills. Then the trouble began. Women started calling him wondering where he'd been and why he'd stood them up. Bill collectors started hunting him. About 6 months into this the Wpg Sun published the names of the top 50 traffic ticket offenders and he was 2nd on the list.

Apparently it turns out that there is a guy, in Winnipeg, with the exact same first and last name as him, as well as the exact same BIRTHDAY as him (and he's a total dirt bag!). CRAZY!